Come as a guest, leave as a friend

Are you visiting Rotondella? You can experience a warm welcome from a Rotondella Greeter. Let someone who holds the city dear guide you through all the treasures that Rotondella has to offer and experience Rotondella just as a local would!


Absolutely free and guaranteed to enrich your stay!


As a part of the International Greeter Association. Rotondella Greeters are volunteers who will share their love for the city with you in an enthusiastic and hospitable manner. A Greeter will walk with you through the city for a couple of hours and make you experience Rotondella in a unique way. For families, friends or people travelling solo – a truly enriching experience!

Global Greeter core values

All Greeters and Greeter destinations share the same core values:

  1. Greeters are volunteers, a friendly face for those visiting a city/destination
  2. Greeters welcome individuals and may serve small groups of up to six people
  3. Meeting a Greeter is free of charge
  4. Visitors are welcomed without any kind of discrimination
  5. Greeter programs support sustainable tourism. Programs respects natural and man-made environments, it brings both cultural and economical enrichment to the local communities. Programs aim for a lasting positive image of each destination.
  6. Greeter programs create a mutually enriching opportunity for cultural exchange, create links between people thus creating a better world.

Find more at the website of International Greeter Association.


"A special place with special people."

- Ferdinand, Austria


"Warmth, tranquility, breathtaking scenery."

- Erich, Austria


"Majestic, from earlier times, loving, original, lovely, inviting, attractive, green, amidst the seas and mountains, fertile, historical, facing the world."

- Daniela, Austria


How to find Rotondella

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  • car: from the north via highway A 1, from Bologna via highway A 14/E45 to the exit of Taranto, forther towards via SS 106 in the direction Reggio Calabria to the exit of Rotondella
  • airplane: airport Bari
  • train: mainstation Policoro-Tursi (
  • autobus: arrival terminal bus Policoro (
  • rental car: airport Bari or car rental Fiore Policoro